International Conference

NoJudul PenelitianUraian PublikasiJenis
1Detection of Cervical Cancer Disease using Adaptive Thresholding Method by Image ProcessingGTAR-2015, Vol. 2, 477-486 2nd International Conference on Global Trends in Academic Research, April 20-21, 2015. Bandung, Indonesia.Prosiding Internasional
2Multiple Testing Procedure Based on Energy Detector for Multiband Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive RadioAPWIMOB 2015Prosiding Internasional
3Distributed FFR as the Novelty Solution of the Integration Femtocell and Macrocell in Cellular NetworkAPWIMOB 2015Prosiding Internasional
4A Multicarrier Modulation Audio Watermarking SystemICEEI 2015Prosiding Internasional
53D Localization Technique for Broad Band Impulsive Noise SourceCFP14YAD-USBProsiding Internasional
6Estimation of Sound Source Direction in Various Temperatures2nd IEEE International Conference on Technology, Information, Management, and Environment (TIME-E)Prosiding Internasional
73D Localization Technique for Broad Band Impulsive Noise SourceIEEE International Conference on Computer, Control, Informatics, and Its Application (IC3INA),Prosiding Internasional


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